Stuck Within

Stand- up! I think we just got closer enough. Yesterday is almost finally over.
Now we see all the things we have to realize. We get stronger when we break down and cry.
Lonely streets and people bringing you down, thinking you would always break and falter.

Made it clear, they insisted telling you lies, thought the answers always up to you.
The world is always turning round for you.

Gone searching for tomorrow. You haven’t seen the time
Gone searching for tomorrow. A prayer for a sign
Gone searching for tomorrow. Forever ’till you try to free your mind.

You got stuck within a part of your life.

Choices flaring brightly at your very eyes, they’ve been waiting for this moment

When you crawl, ’till you leap, when you search ’till you find. When indifferent trying to decide.

The world is always turning round for you. (chorus)


Filipino Rock Love Song-Original

Drawn is a song that describes a feeling of hopelessness,.But despite of this the inside nature still believes there is something that holds life to live..keep moving!

Hear this another good composition and be inspired to win the battle of life.

An original Bicol Composition, contemporary Bicol Rock by Eugene Hidalgo